The New version of Wireshark released with the fix for vulnerabilities, number of bugs and with updated protocols support.

Wireshark is the most popular network protocol analyzer used for analyzing network packets by organizations and individuals worldwide.

With The new versions of Wireshark come with the fix for security vulnerabilities that could crash the dissector. The dissector is to decode and analyze its part of the protocol. Users requested to Upgrade to Wireshark 2.6.6 & 2.4.12 or later.

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Wireshark 2.6.6 & 2.4.12

Following are the vulnerabilities fixed with Wireshark 2.6.6.

CVE-2019-5716 – 6LoWPAN dissector crash

CVE-2019-5717 – P_MUL dissector could crash

CVE-2019-5718 – RTSE dissector and other ASN.1 dissectors could crash

CVE-2019-5719 – ISAKMP dissector crash

Wireshark bug 14470 – ENIP protocol dissector could crash

These vulnerabilities can be exploited by an attacker by injecting a Malformed Packet and by convincing the users to read the malformed packet trace file.

Bugs Fixed

Along with the security update muliple bugs fixed.

  • console.lua not found in a folder with non-ASCII characters in its name. Bug 15118.
  • Disabling Update list of packets in real time. will generally trigger crash after three start capture, stop capture cycles. Bug 15263.
  • UDP Multicast Stream double counts. Bug 15271.
  • text2pcap et al. set snaplength to 64kiB-1, while processing frames of 256kiB. Bug 15292.
  • Builds without libpcap fail if the libpcap headers aren’t installed. Bug 15317.
  • TCAP AnalogRedirectRecord parameter incorrectly coded as mandatory in QualReq_rr message. Bug 15350.
  • macOS DMG appears to have duplicate files. Bug 15361.
  • Wireshark jumps behind other windows when opening UAT dialogs. Bug 15366.
  • Pathnames containing non-ASCII characters are mangled in error dialogs on Windows. Bug 15367.
  • Executing -z http,stat -r file.pcapng throws a segmentation fault. Bug 15369.
  • IS-41 TCAP RegistrationNotification Invoke has borderCellAccess parameter coded as tag 50 (as denyAccess) but should be 58. Bug 15372.
  • In DNS statistics, response times > 1 sec not included. Bug 15382.
  • GTPv2 APN dissect problem. Bug 15383.

Also the new version includes updated protocol support for following protocols 6LoWPAN, ANSI MAP, DNP3, DNS, GSM A, GTP, GTPv2, IMF, ISAKMP, ISObus VT, Kerberos, P_MUL, RTSE, S7COMM, and TCAP.

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