Most expected WordPress 4.7.5 is now available for update. This security update covers six security issues that exist with WordPress version 4.7.4 including CSRF.

Security Issues addressed

  1. Insufficient redirect validation within the communications protocol category. Reported by Ronni Skansing.
  2. Improper handling of post meta information values within the XML-RPC API. Reported by guided missile Thomas.
  3. Lack of capability checks for post meta information within the XML-RPC API. Reported by mountain Bidner of the WordPress Security Team.
  4. A Cross website Request Forgery (CSRF) vulnerability was discovered within the filesystem credentials dialog. Reported by Yorick Koster.
  5. A cross-site scripting (XSS) vulnerability was discovered once trying to transfer terribly massive files. Reported by Ronni Skansing.
  6. A cross-site scripting (XSS) vulnerability was discovered associated with the Customizer. Reported by Weston Ruter of the WordPress Security Team.

CSRF Vulnerability

CSRF holds number eight in OWSAP top 10 list.Cross Site Request Forgery is one of the most common forms of attack by online spammers and scammers.

Explicitly of this attack is a bit complex, it’s prevalence is common.But CSRF attacks can be predicted easily. Read More about CSRF.

XSS Vulnerability

XSS is a very commonly exploited vulnerability type which is very widely spread and easily detectable.

An attacker can inject untrusted snippets of JavaScript into your application without validation. This JavaScript is then executed by the victim who is visiting the target site.
Read More about XSS.


It’s a specification and a collection of implementations that enable computer code running on disparate operational systems, running in several environments to form procedure calls over the net.

Adding to the security updates WordPress 4.7.5 contains 3 maintenance fixes to the 4.7 release series, for release notes.

How to update

WordPress 4.7.3 contains 39 maintenance fixes to the 4.7 release series. Updates are simple Dashboard >> Updates >> Update Now.

It is always a good idea to backup your WordPress before proceeding with the update, if there are any issues, you can restore your website.

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