WordPress 4.8.3 released with the security patches for all previous versions. The update includes the issue with $wpdb->prepare() which leads to an SQL injection.

SQL injection is a technique which attacker takes non-validated input vulnerabilities and inject SQL commands through web applications that are executed in the backend database.To read more about SQLi.

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$wpdb->prepare() can create unexpected and unsafe queries leading to potential SQL injection (SQLi) and the new release includes change in behaviour for the esc_sql() function.

WordPress core is not directly vulnerable to this issue, but we’ve added hardening to prevent plugins and themes from accidentally causing a vulnerability. Reported by Anthony Ferrara.Wordpress reported.

Files Revised


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WordPress 4.8.3 released with the security patches users are recommended to update their sites immediately.

How to update – Wordpress 4.8.3

WordPress 4.8.3 contains 29 maintenance fixes to the 4.8 release series. Updates are simple Dashboard >> Updates >> Update Now.

It is always a good idea to backup your WordPress before proceeding with the update, if there are any issues, you can restore your website.


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