Worlds Fourth Largest Cryptocurrency called  “Bithumb ”  hacked by unknown hackers and stolen around  31,800 Bithumb users account details which are 3% of the platform’s entire userbase.

Many Bithumb users data such as an e-mail address, mobile phone numbers and other Personal information has been leaked by this breach.

Few Weeks before Biggest Bitcoin Wallet Hack leads toUS$5 Million Worth Bitcoin Currency Stolen.

Bithumb does not use OTP because the exchange uses it all over the world … Busy people do not know how much they hacked.

The Company revealed that some unknown hacker hacked the personal computer of a Bithumb employee and stolen the details of over 31,800 Bithumb users .

Bithumb said. “The main server containing the transaction information is not safe,” Bithumb said the hacking was not related to the internal network, and that the Korean won and virtual currency deposits were safely stored. However, some victims are arguing that “the actual bitcoin has escaped.”

According to the investigation, voice phishing is one of the most common cases of spill damage at present.

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Vishing Scam Attack

Secondary Attacks intimated that many Bithumb users were targetting through Social Engineering attack called Vishing (Mobile Voice call Fraud)  and other methods such as such as bogus manager impersonation, email phishing etc.

A phishing  scammer (VISHING) who pretended to be a Bithumb employee called the victim and said, “The Bithumb online account is trying to hack from abroad.” “You have to change your one-time password (OTP) number, so please tell me your current password”

Few users have even reported about losing as high as 10 million won ($8700) worth of cryptocurrency.and this infromation revealed by local media and Bithumb has never conformed about the exact amount of amount of stolen funds.

“As soon as a number of damages are confirmed, we will reimburse the entire amount of damages,” said Bithumb in an official statement.

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