World’s most Dangerous Laptop With 6 Popular Malware Sold at .3 million

The Laptop loaded with six most dangerous pieces of malware was sold at an auction. The malware present in the Laptop is responsible for causing financial damages totaling $95 billion.

It is the most dangerous machine right now in the World which runs over Windows XP operating system. Here to be noted that Microsoft has ended support for Windows XP on Apr. 8 2014.

Guo O Dong created the Persistence of Chaos with the deadliest malware in the World. The Laptop dubbed “Persistence of Chaos” is a regular 10.2-inch Samsung NC10-14GB laptop running on Windows XP (SP3).

Guo O Dong said to verge that the “intention behind the laptop was to make physical the abstract threats posed by the digital world.” Cybersecurity firm DeepInstinct commissioned the project.


You can watch the live streaming of this laptop were the machine is isolated and airgapped to prevent against malware spread.

6 Popular Malware Present


ILOVEYOU ($15 Billion)

In 2000, ILOVEYOU, also known as the “Love Bug,” exploited human nature by disguising itself as a love letter and tricking recipients into opening it. It was only a matter of hours before computer systems across the World were tied up by this virus.

SoBig ($37.1 Billion)

In August of 2003, SoBig appeared, infections millions of computers across the World. SoBig evolved several times, making it hard to catch.


The MyDoom (or Novarg) virus is another worm that can create a backdoor in the victim computer’s operating system. The original MyDoom virus — there have been several variants — had two triggers. One trigger caused the virus to begin a denial of service (DoS) attack starting Feb. 1, 2004.


WannaCry Ransomware outbreak performs all over the World in many countries. Including Russia, Ukraine, India, and Taiwan are the countries which Faced Major Hit by Wanncry Ransomware.


BlackEnergy uses injection techniques, robust encryption, and a modular architecture known as a “dropper.” It was used in cyber attacks targeting Ukraine.


Piece of malware that is well-known for stealing banking credentials and corporate data even when they are offline, it causes damages to millions of users.

The bid for the World’s most Dangerous Laptop closed at $1.345 million, the Laptop was isolated and airgapped to avoid the spread of malware.

“The Persistence of Chaos was created as a collaboration between the artist and cybersecurity company Deep Instinct, which provided the malware and technical expertise to execute the work in a safe environment.


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