Monday, July 22, 2024

Xeno RAT Attacking Users Via GitHub Repository And .gg Domains

Threat actors use RATs because they provide attackers with persistent access to compromised systems, enabling long-term espionage and exploitation.

North Korean hackers and other actors who target the gaming community are using free malware on GitHub called XenoRAT.

Hunt’s research team found it spreading through .gg domains and a GitHub repository that pretended to be Roblox scripting tools.

Xeno RAT Attacking Via GitHub

The ASEC division of AhnLab claimed it had evidence of a North Korea-related group employing Dropbox to send XenoRAT.

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Besides this, one investigator discovered the software in an open directory that the Kimsuky threat group probably controls.

An increasing risk like this uses crafty approaches to reach out to gamers and developers across platforms with numerous tricks.

On XenoRAT’s GitHub page, you will find more advanced features such as HVNC, audio spying, and SOCKS5 reverse proxy.

Communication between clients and the controller is done through TCP sockets, and this follows an identifiable pattern that can be used to identify malicious activities.

The worrying point is that the malware is being distributed in .gg domains, which are popular within the esports community and target gamers. The network IDS rules for detection are available on the ET website.

It shows how threat actors increasingly use well-known platforms and communities to spread their tools.

The discovery of SynapseX.revamped.V1.2.rar, an untrusted file that communicated with .gg sites resulted in the creation of a GitHub repository disguised as Roblox scripting engine.

YouTube Account Associated with Xeno RAT & Quasar Distribution (Source –

The repository contained several harmful executable files, such as XenoRAT and Quasar. Earlier, this GitHub user recognized one file as XWorm malware.

Further inquiries revealed that a YouTube channel called “P-Denny Gaming” was linked to it, which recommended that users turn off Windows Defender before installing that malware.

YouTube Video Instructing Users to Install Synapse X File (Source –

The content of the channel, together with its comments, tried to make these malicious files appear genuine.

The XenoRAT and other malware are very dangerous to the gaming communities when distributed through .gg domains as well as on GitHub.

These threats take advantage of gamers’ trust in good-looking tools that may result in the possible theft of personal data, game items, and financial details.

Using open-source platforms for malware distribution increases the chances of widespread infections.

Even if users are inclined to download or install software from sites they regard as trustworthy, they should be extremely careful.

For a safe internet gaming environment, one needs to be extra cautious and doubtful since these complex social engineering ploys most affect the gaming community.

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