XSS is a very commonly exploited vulnerability type which is very widely spread and easily detectable.

What is XSS(Cross Site Scripting)?

An attacker can inject untrusted snippets of JavaScript into your application without validation. This JavaScript is then executed by the victim who is visiting the target site.

XSS classified into three types Reflected XSS, Stored XSS, DOM-Based XSS. To read more about XSS and OWSAP 10 vulnerabilities click here.


XSSight – XSS Scanner

To find the XSS many famous tools available such as Burp, ZAP, Vega, Nikito. Today we are to discuss XSSight powered by Team Ultimate.

You can clone the tool from Github.

Step1: To Download and install XSSight.

XSSight - Automated XSS Scanner And Payload Injector
                                              Download & Install XSSight

Step2: To launch the tool navigate to concern directory and type python xssight.py

XSSight - Automated XSS Scanner And Payload Injector
                                                               To Launch XSSight

Scan with XSS Scanner

It injects characters like /\ ” <> and checks the source code of the objective website page to perceive how the page handles the info and lets us know whether it is defenseless against XSS.

Select number 1 for XSS Scanner

XSSight - Automated XSS Scanner And Payload Injector
                                                            Scan with XSS Scanner

From the result, we can see the parameter is vulnerable to XSS injection.

Payload Injector

Also, you can try by injecting XSS payloads.

XSSight - Automated XSS Scanner And Payload Injector
                                                                    Payload Injector

Now you can see what sort of payload conflicts with the target.

Defenses against XSS

  • What input do we trust?
  • Does it adhere to expected patterns?
  • Never simply reflect untrusted data.
  • Applies to data within our database too.
  • Encoding of context(Java/attribute/HTML/CSS

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  1. Does this run for python 2 or python 3 environment? i tried running the script in python 3.5 environment and got the following error:
    Traceback (most recent call last):
    File “xssight.py”, line 6, in
    from __future__ import print_function
    ImportError: No module named ‘urllib2’

    • SO i later figured out…it works on only python 2 (urllib in python 2 is replaced by urllib.request in python 3)…but it only scans for xss in the url…….it doesn’t go through all input boxes in the web application…

      • Hi Charles,

        Hope you are doing good.In the demonstration we have checked with a simple test page it went fine. We will check it again..

      • It was just a beta release. XSSight is under heavy development. We will add a feature which automatically crawls a website for parameters in XSSight v1.2


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