Yatra.com data breach

Online travel booking website Yatra.com was compromised and attackers steal 5 Million user records that include email address & physical addresses, phone numbers & plain text passwords & PINs.

The Yatra.com data breach happened back in 2013, and it came to light now, data breach recorder vigilante.pw first noticed the breach, according to Have I Been Pwned 5,033,997 accounts were pwned in the data breach.

Have I Been Pwned tweeted that around 60% of emails were already in their breach database directory. Have I Been Pwned launched by Hunt in August, is to help organizations avoid using passwords that have previously appeared in a data breach or have been otherwise compromised in the past.

Recent version’s of Firefox launched a new tool partnered with HaveIBeenPwned.com that allows users to check that their accounts have been compromised in a data breach. For Google Chrome free Chrome extension “PassProtect” to check in real-time whether you have been using already a breached password in the past.

Zomato Reports a massive Data breach 2017, around 17 Million user records that contain registered usernames and hashed passwords were stolen.

In the modern digital world data is a crucial component of an organization, data leaks pose a serious threat to company reputation, loss of critical information and temporary loss of ability to trade.

In the past, leading enterprises like Target, Sony, and Yahoo became the victim of data breach. In the year 2013, Target admitted that 40 million cards were likely skimmed in security breaches. In the year 2014, half a billion accounts were compromised at Yahoo.

2017 is a year for the data breach, some top giants like Equifax, Deloitte, Uber, Forever 21 suffered from data breaches. Here we have listed Top 10 Biggest Data Breaches which costs companies in million dollars and loss in reputation.

Data safety is critical to retain customers. Therefore, every organization must remain aware of the best practices to keep up safety.

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