Soft Copies That presented in ZeroCool Event

HID - Shankara Narayanan

Core team member of TPH (since TPH started),
Student @ TamilNadu Dr. Ambedkar Law University (SOEL), B.C.A., LL.B (Hons) 2nd yr C|EH, CISE & Dip in Mech CAD,
Co-Regional head of Hackers Day Chennai chapter.

Vijay S

Core team member of TPH (since TPH started)Download Advanced SQL Injection Presented By Vijay. He is a SQL Expert and reported More than 100 bugs in Various websites.


Internet Forgery & Safety Measures, they extensively covered Phishing Techniques and various Methods Cultivated By Attackers

Naveen & Raja

Naveen and Raja did an Awesome job covering the Most Hot read Topic on Internet. They detailed the Possibilities of Whatsapp Hack

Naveen & Raja

They did yet Another Job covering Mobile ransomware and it’s encoding Techniques.