ZTE and Huawei

Pentagon banned Smartphones that have been made by Chinese firms ZTE and Huawei to be used in any military services of U.S.

Also the ordered US military bases retail to stop selling the  ZTE and Huawei smartphones due to surveillance precautions.

Pentagon urged to take this action due to Chinese producers could be influenced by the authorities in Beijing to plant code that could spy on servicemen, or even remotely impair communications.

New rules proposed by Pentagon states, Wireless carriers and organizations should not use the federal funds such as “buy networking hardware or administrations from purchase equipment or services from companies that pose a national security threat to United States communications networks or the communications supply chain.”

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According to Wall Street Journal reports, Pentagon officials believe that Huawei and ZTE devices may pose an unacceptable risk to the department’s personnel, information and mission.

An official statement said, It because of national security posed as Hidden ‘backdoors’ to our networks in routers, switches—and virtually any other type of telecommunications equipment—can provide an avenue for hostile governments to inject viruses, launch denial-of-service attacks, steal data, and more.

This ban against ZTE and Huawei was taken on April 25 and Given security concerns about ZTE cell phones and related products, the Pentagon’s exchange services also removed ZTE product.

ZTE Did not comment about this ban but Huawei states that “We remain committed to openness and transparency in everything we do and want to be clear that no government has ever asked us to compromise the security or integrity of any of our networks or devices,”.

Apart from this, the U.S, UK, and India based intelligence services also warned about the risks of using ZTE equipment and services for their infrastructure.

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