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Are you eager to become an Ethical hacker with master-level skills then here the Advanced Ethical Hacking Course online & Penetration testing Modules that mold you to become a Cyber Security Expert? Ethical Hackers Academy specially framed this Advanced Ethical Hacking course to Transform Your Life from what you are today to what you actually want to be.

Cybercriminals are keeping intruding current Technology world and cause various damages in the real world but due to lacking skills are keeping them encouraged to destroy the network and steal the various sensitive information.

This Ethical Hacking Course online divides various topics and divided into several modules that cover penetration testing/hacking field, in each of these sections you’ll first learn how the target system works, the weaknesses of this system, and how to practically exploit these weaknesses and hack into it.

Also, you’ll learn everything by example, by analyzing and exploiting computer systems such as networks, servers, clients, websites …..etc.

This course provides an in-depth skill set in Ethical hacking & penetration testing and covered various attack concepts, including  Network Hacking, Gaining Access, Gaining Access, Website / Web Application Hacking etc.

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1. Network Hacking

This Ethical Hacking Course area will show you how to test the security of systems, both wired and remote. In the first place, you will take in some essential system phrasing, how arranges work, and how gadgets speak with one another. At that point, it will branch into three subsections.

2. Gaining Access

In this section, you will learn two main approaches to gain full control or hack computer systems.

  • Server Side Attacks: In this subsection, you will learn how to gain full access to computer systems without the need for user interaction.
  • Client Side Attacks: In the event that the not contain any weaknesses, the best way to access it is by collaborating with the clients.

3. Post Exploitation 

In this section, you will learn how to interact with the systems you compromised so far. You’ll learn how to access the file system (read/write/upload/execute), maintain your access, spy on the target and even use the target computer as a pivot to hack other computer systems.

4. Website / Web Application Hacking 

In this section, you will learn how websites work, how to gather information about a target website (such as website owner, server location, used technologies ….etc) and how to discover and exploit the following dangerous vulnerabilities to hack into websites.

Course Material – Master in Ethical Hacking Course

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Ethical Hacking Course Online with Pentesting Modules  

This Ethical Hacking Course with Pentesting Modules Covers with 20 in-depth Topics along with more than 120 practically explained High-quality Training videos for the following Modules and Here the Complete Course Syllabus.

1. Introduction
2. Setting Up the Lab
3. Linux Basics
4. Network Hacking
5. Network Hacking – Pre Connection Attacks
6. Network Hacking – Gaining Access (WEP/WPA/WAP2 Cracking)
7. Network Hacking – Post Connection Attacks
8. Network Hacking – Detection & Security
9. Gaining Access to Computer Devices
10. Gaining Access – Server Side Attacks
11. Gaining Access – Client-Side Attacks
12 .gaining Access – Client Side Attacks – Social Engineering
13  Gaining Access – Using the Above Attacks Outside the Local Network
14. Post Exploitation
15. Website Hacking
16. Website Hacking – Information Gathering
17. Website Hacking – File Upload, Code Execution & File Inclusion Vulns
18. Website Hacking – SQL Injection Vulnerabilities
19. Website Hacking – Cross-Site Scripting Vulnerabilities
20. Website Hacking – Discovering Vulnerabilities Automatically Using Owasp Zap

Taking this course you’ll get lifetime access via a dedicated dashboard.

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Everything shown in this Ethical Hacking Course is made for educational purposes only. In order to do penetration testing on network, web application, server or other devices(s) you must have written permission from the owner.


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