Friday, December 1, 2023
Microsoft Authenticator Blocks Malicious Notification

Microsoft Authenticator New Feature Blocks Malicious Notification by Default

In an age where online threats loom large, safeguarding our personal and professional accounts has never been more critical. With hackers tirelessly attempting to breach...

DarkGate, Which Abused Microsoft Teams, Now Leverages MSI Files

A new wave of cyberattacks has been discovered by Netskope Threat Labs, involving the use of SharePoint as a delivery platform for the notorious...

Octo Tempest Attacking Organizations to Steal Financial Data

Microsoft has been closely monitoring the Octo Tempest, a significant financial threat organization. This threat group employs various strategies and TTPs for worldwide extortion, making...

North Korean Hackers Exploiting TeamCity Flaw to Compromise Organizations Network

Microsoft has detected two North Korean nation-state threat actors, Diamond Sleet and Onyx Sleet, exploiting CVE-2023-42793. This vulnerability allows remote code execution on various...

Hackers Deliver Weaponized Notepad++ Via Google Ads

Cybercriminals are known to exploit malicious advertising techniques for targeting the widely-used Notepad++ text editor for Windows. This could lead to the dissemination of...
Hackers Abuse Discord

Threat Actors Abuse Discord to Blend Within Organizations’ Network Traffic

Discord has become a household name in online gaming and digital communication. Gamers, friends, and families flock to this platform to chat, share, and collaborate....

Threat Actors Abusing 404 Pages to Hide Credit Card Stealing Malware

A new web skimming campaign has been discovered, which targets multiple organizations in the food and retail industries. This campaign was unique as it...

Lazarus APT Laundered Over $900 Million Worth of Cryptocurrency

Threat actors have been laundering currencies with multiple methods. One of the most predominant ways they have been using lately was the Cross-chain crime....

Qakbot Threat Actors Deliver Knight Ransomware & Remcos Via LNK Files

Qakbot's infrastructure and cryptocurrency assets were seized by government authorities in an operation in August 2023 with the assistance of international allies, raising concerns...

Hackers Hijacking Microsoft SQL Servers to Compromise Azure Environments

Hackers frequently target Microsoft SQL servers because of their extensive use and possible weaknesses. These servers are a top target for hackers looking to make...

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