An Italian Largest Bank “Unicredit” have been Hacked and stolen more than  400,000 Customers Sensitive Loan Details.

Hackers Steal the Loan information of Unicredit  due to unauthorised access through an Italian third party provider to Customer.

Initial breaches occurred September and October last year and had not previously been disclosed.

The bank, UniCredit, said Wednesday that the hackers breached the system through an unidentified external commercial partner.

The bank also confirmed that no information to access accounts was taken: “No data, such as passwords allowing access to customer accounts or allowing for unauthorised transactions, has been affected, whilst some other personal data and IBAN numbers might have been accessed.”

According to UniCredit, the breach at Italy’s biggest Hacking attack was detected 10 months after the initial compromise.

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Milan-based UniCredit said that it had closed the breach and informed authorities while embarking on a security audit that will likely tap into at least some of the €2.3bn budget previously allocated towards upgrading and strengthening its IT systems.

Unicredit Asked to Customer ,should contact UniCredit’s dedicated toll-free number 800 323285 or  their regular branch customer services team.

In addition, UniCredit will be contacting affected customers through specific channels, not including email or phone calls.

Affected customers are at heightened risk of follow-up phishing attacks that leverage that leads to Steal more information about the Customers Bank Account Details.

Spoke Person said, all the Affected Customer beware the Vishing Phone Calls and Do not Provide Any sensitive information over Phone.

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