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Fortnite Game

78,000 Fortnite Game Players Infected With Adware While Downloading Fortnite V-Bucks Hack

The Fortnite game has more than 125 million total players and it is one of the most famous games on the planet. Web-based game-streaming platform...

PythonBot- Dangerous Adware Install on Browser Extension & Bypass Security System

Powerful Python based adware called PBot (PythonBot) went beyond the adware limits, it installs and runs malicious hidden miner on the victim's computer. Two versions of PBot...
Fake Android Apps

Fake Android Apps that Impersonate as Security Applications Found in Play store with 6000,000...

Newly discovered Fake Android Apps in Google play store that posed as offering security proving unwanted ads and other potential cyber threats to installed...

LightsOut – Malicious Flashlight Apps on Google Play with Nearly 7.5 Million Downloads

A new adware spotted in Google play contains scripts to overrides the user decision and disable ads outside of legitimate context. It hides icon...

Beware: Highly Obfuscated Multi Platform Malware & Adware Spreading Through Facebook Messenger

A New Malware Spreading Via Facebook Messenger which serving as both Malware and adware that can be used for earning clicks and Hijack the...


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