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Spyware company

Spyware Company Exposed Terabytes of Sensitive Images, Audio Recordings, and Web History Online

Spyware company Spyfone exposed terabytes of data that includes audio recordings, text messages, photos and web history from an unsecured Amazon S3 bucket. Spyfone is...
data exposed

Verizon Partner Exposed Around 14 Million’s of Customer Accounts Sensitive Data Online

Verizon owned as many as 14 Millions of customer's data exposed online by telephonic software and data firm NICE Systems, a third-party vendor for...
Data Leaked online

ABC Company Massive Data Leaked online from Amazon S3 Bucket

The Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) Sensitive data leaked online from AWS S3 repositories that included usernames, email addresses, password hashes, and other user details. Leaked data...


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