Tag: Android Malware

Android Spyware Mandrake

Beware of an Android Spyware Mandrake that went Undetected for Last 4 Years

Bitdefender Security Researchers identified a new, highly sophisticated spyware targeting Android users for financial motivations and distributed via Google Apps Market place....

New Android Malware “EventBot” Steals Bank Credentials, SMS, Collect Personal Data, keystrokes

Researchers uncovered a new wave of stealthy banking Trojan and info stealer dubbed "EventBot" that can steal banking information, personal data and...
71 malicious Android apps

Syrian State-sponsored Hacking Group uses COVID-19 Themes to Attacks Android users

Lookout researchers have uncovered a mobile surveillance campaign that has used more than 71 malicious Android apps to spy on Syrian users...
Android XHelper Malware

Unkillable Android XHelper Malware Reinstall Itself Again After Factory Reset

The Android XHelper malware was first identified in October 2019, it is known for its persistent capabilities. Once it...
Tekya Clicker Malware

Tekya Clicker Malware Hides in 56 Apps that Downloaded 1 Million Times Worldwide From...

Google implements a number of ways to filter the malicious apps getting into the play store, but still, attackers continue to find...


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