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Malicious Android Apps

17 Malicious Android Apps Discovered in Google Play Store that Infects 550,000 Android Devices

Researchers discovered 17 malicious Android apps from the Google play store that infects nearly 550,000 Android devices around the world.
Fleeceware apps

Malicious Fleeceware apps on the Google Play Found Installed More than 600 Million Downloads

Fleeceware apps continue to be a problem on Google Play, these app publishers overcharge users for basic functionality if they don't cancel...
Malicious Apps

Google Play Flooding with 100 + Malicious Apps That Installed In More Than 4.6...

Researchers discovered over 100 malicious apps from Google play store that downloaded by more than 4.6 android users around the globe.

New Malware Family “Venus” In Google Play Store Infects 285,000 Android Users to Subscribe...

Researchers discovered a new Trojan family called "Venus" resides in the Google play store infected at least 285,000 Android users around the...
Android Security Vulnerability

Critical Android Security Vulnerability Let Remote Attacker Cause Permanent Denial of Service

Google released security updates for Android that deploy fixes for 15 vulnerabilities with severity level critical, high and moderate and another 22...


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