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Medical Networks

APT Hacking Groups are Targeting Vulnerable Medical Networks for Cyber Attack

APT actors are currently showing more interest in medical networks and they are using various advanced threats such as PlugX RAT and Cobalt Strike to exfiltrate...

OceanLotus APT Hacking Group Distributing Backdoor to Compromise Government Networks

OceanLotus APT group as know as s APT32 and APT-C-00, emerging again targeting organization and government networks by distributing backdoor to compromise their infrastructure. Cyber...

Powerful APT Malware “Slingshot” Performs Highly Sophisticated Cyber Attack to Compromise Router

Cyber criminals performing a highly sophisticated attack using APT Malware called Slingshot to compromise routers and gain the administrator level access. Slingshot is one of the...
CrossRAT Malware

Most Advanced APT Malware “CrossRAT” Globally Targeting Individuals & Exfiltrate Text Messages, Photos,...

A multi-platform APT CrossRAT Malware discovered with sophisticated surveillance operation that targeting Windows, OSX, and Linux computer globally both individuals and organizations. It performed by...


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