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Fake Fortnite Game

Android Gamers Beware of Fake Fortnite Game that Contains Spyware and Cryptocurrency Miner

Android malware posing as Fake Fortnite Game includes spyware, cryptocurrency miner and install unwanted apps that show ads to generate revenue for authors. Epic...
Ubuntu Snap Store

Ubuntu Snap Store Apps Contains Hidden Cryptocurrency Miner Malware

An Ubuntu user identified a malicious code that mines Bytecoin (BCN) hidden in the source code of the Ubuntu snap package (2048buntu and Hextris)...
Cryptocurrency mining attacks

XIAOBA Ransomware Code Regenerated as Deadly Cryptocurrency Miner

Starting from 2018 cyber threat landscape shifted from Ransomware to Cryptocurrency mining attacks, attackers targeted a number of web portals, Android devices, and a...


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