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How To Respond Cyber Incident In your Organization

How To Respond Cyber Incident In your Organization

An incident response plan is very essential for any organization to respond to the incident as quickly as possible. Here we have...
Zoom Attack

Thousands of Compromised Usernames and Passwords of Zoom Accounts Listed on Dark Web Forum

Cybercriminals continue to use the Coronavirus outbreak to launch various attacks such as malware, phishing, fraud, and disinformation campaigns.
Android XHelper Malware

Unkillable Android XHelper Malware Reinstall Itself Again After Factory Reset

The Android XHelper malware was first identified in October 2019, it is known for its persistent capabilities. Once it...

Beware of Coronavirus-themed Attack that Attacks Windows Computer to Install’s Lokibot Malware

A new campaign observed using COVID-19/Coronavirus-themed email appears to be coming from the World Health Organization (WHO) delivers the infamous Lokibot malware.
Kinsing Malware

Kinsing Malware Attacks Misconfigured Open Docker Daemon API Ports

A new malware dubbed Kinsing attacks targeting container environments, the attack particularly targets the misconfigured open Docker Daemon API ports.


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