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Leaving USB Devices

Leaving USB Devices & Critical Enterprise Data Unmonitored can Leave Your Sysadmins Perplexed

A USB device is a popular choice for storing data and information and, alas, a popular data theft target for hackers. In this article,...
Fullerton India hacked

Over 600 GB of Fullerton India’s Data Published on the Dark Web

A significant Indian lending organization ‘Fullerton India’ was breached at the beginning of April 2023. The LockBit ransomware Darknet blog, where hackers listed the...
FBI Seized 13 Websites

FBI Seized 13 Websites that Offered DDoS-for-hire Services

The FBI has been coordinating Operation PowerOFF since 2018, aiming to disrupt the DDoS-for-hire service infrastructures worldwide. As part of this Operation, On May 8th,...
Nextgen Healthcare Hacked

Nextgen Healthcare Hacked – Over 1 Million Customers’ Data Exposed

NextGen Healthcare, which has its headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia, is a company that develops and markets software for the management of electronic health data...

Authorities Dismantled the Card-Checking Platform Try2Check

As per reports, the U.S government authorities have dismantled yet another large network of cybercriminals.Denis Gennadievich Kulkov, the prime owner of the illegal...

FBI Seizes 9 Virtual Currency Exchange Services to Block Ransom Payments

The FBI has reportedly shut down 9 Virtual Currency Exchange services belonging to organizations to prevent cyber criminals from laundering their money.These exchange services...
New BGP Protocol Flaws

New BGP Protocol Flaws Let Attackers Trigger DoS Attacks

Forescout Vedere Labs recently highlighted the neglected BGP security aspect - software implementation vulnerabilities.FRRouting's BGP message parsing vulnerabilities discovered by Forescout Vedere Labs could...
Android Device Migration Tools Flaw

Android Device Migration Tools Bug Let Hackers Steal App Data & Login to Your...

Smartphones are frequently replaced by users when newer versions of smartphones with much more features are released.The exchange of smartphones has a significant complication...

AresLoader Malware Attacking Citrix Users Through Malicious GitLab Repo

Cyble Research and Intelligence Labs (CRIL) has recently detected AresLoader, a novel loader that is found to be disseminating numerous malware families.Malware loaders are...

Google Blocked Over 1.4 Million Malicious Apps From Google Play Store

Since Google bought Android 2005, its sole responsibility has been to provide the best user experience and ensure security for its users.Google Play Protect...

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