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Google Sheets

Hackers Bypass Google Filters & Launching CSV Malware via Google Sheets

Cybercriminals are using new sophisticated techniques to spread CSV malware via Google sheets instead of using Microsoft Excel sheet which is often...
Massive Data Breach

773 Million Credentials of Email & Password leaked in Massive Data Breach – Biggest...

Welcome to the Massive Data breach of 2019, around 773 million datas contains email addresses and passwords were breached and circulated...
EFail Attacks

EFAIL Attacks – How PGP & S/MIME Vulnerability Leaked Encrypted Emails in Plain Text

Researchers finally revealed the Historical Email encryption based EFAIL attacks that can be exploited this brand new serious vulnerability that affected PGP & S/MIME end-to-end...
Phishing Attack

Beware!! PayPal Phishing Attack cleverly Tricks you and Asks to Verify Transactions

Newly spreading PayPal Phishing Attack Tricking the user into verifying the Transactions details via Email medium and it looks like a completely legitimate email that comes...

Now attackers can Modify Email content- Even after the Email Delivery

We do believe Email is like a physical letter once it dropped it cannot be changed,but it is not true anymore here you can...


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