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APT Hackers Group Exploiting the Window OS Using New Zero day Vulnerability

Cyber criminals started exploiting the Microsoft windows os using recently discovered win32k zero day vulnerability that was patched by Microsoft recently.
Microsoft Security updates

Microsoft Released Security Updates that Fixes 64 Vulnerabilities Including 2 Active Zero-day Flaw

A new Microsoft security update released for March 2019 under patch Tuesday with the fixes for 64 vulnerabilities, so its time...

Crowdfense Announced to Pay $3 Million Bug Bounty for iOS & Android Zero-day Exploits

Crowdfense, a vulnerability research hub announced that they ready to pay $3 million USD per successful submission of iOS and Android zero-day...
Chrome Zero-day

Emergency !! Hackers Exploited Active Google Chrome Zero-day in Wide – Update Chrome Now

Google announced an emergency warning about active Google Chrome zero-day vulnerability that exploited in wide and urged users to update the chrome...
Chrome Zero-day

Hackers Exploit Google Chrome Zero-day using Weaponized PDF – If PDF Viewed in Chrome

Researchers discovered a new malicious PDF sample that has an ability to exploit the Google Chrome zero-day flaw when victims using Chrome...


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