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Remote Desktop Protocol

Malicious Hackers Increasing the Exploitation of RDP Protocol to Hack the Targeted Victims

Nowadays cybercriminals most actively exploiting Remote Desktop Protocol in order to gain access to the targeted victim's computer and steal login credentials and other sensitive...
Linux Kernel Vulnerability

Google Project Zero Disclosed PoC & Exploit for Serious Linux Kernel Vulnerability

Google Project Zero researcher disclose the exploit and PoC(Proof of concept) for a serious Linux Kernel Vulnerability that affected Linux kernel version 3.16. This bug...
Facebook security breach

Hackers Exploited Facebook Zero-Day Flaw & Stolen 50 Million Accounts Access Tokens

Facebook security breach, hackers steal more than 50 million accounts access tokens by exploiting a bug in View As a feature. The access token contains...
Wannamine Malware

Wannamine Malware Still Penetrate the Unpatched SMB Computers using NSA’s EternalBlue Exploit

Cryptomining based Wannamine malware outbreak still actively attacking the windows users around the globe that using NSA exploit Eternalblue to penetrate the unpatched SMB...
Linux Exploit Suggester -simple script to keep track of vulnerabilities

Linux Exploit Suggester – A Kali Linux Tool to Find the Linux OS...

According to Kali Tool list, Linux Exploit Suggester provide just a simple script to keep track of vulnerabilities and suggest possible exploits to gain...


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