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Physical USB Security Key

Google Offers Physical USB Security Key for High Profile Gmail and Google Drive Users

Google will soon be offering an Advanced Protection by Providing Physical USB Security Key to high-profile executives an upgrade from the standard protections on...
Google strengthen it's defence against Ransomware to Attack Android

Google strengthen it’s defence against Ransomware to Attack Android

Ransomware for Android, or any mobile platform, have been generally uncommon.The risk has fundamentally been kept to Windows desktops, where it's flourished with a...

Google and Bing Are About to Make it Harder to Find Illegal Content Online

Google and Microsoft have vowed changes to their web indexes which will make life harder for Users looking for unlawful, copyrighted material. The parties that...
Google Trust Services

Google switches to own Root Certificate Authority “Google Trust Services”

Google is switching to its own Root Certificate Authority for issuing its own TLS/SSL certificates for securing its web traffic via HTTPS, and not...

Russian spammer registered ɢoogle.com Domain using IDN Homograph Attacks

Nowadays spammer takes place to initiate an Advanced technique to create a spam and phishing emails to target a large number of community in...


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