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Muslim Hacktivist Hacked into Isis Website that Claimed to be Unhackable

After a number of cyber attacks and official takedowns over Isis news agency Amaq, they have issued a statement on Friday claiming they have...
cryptocurrency wallets

Cryptocurrency wallets Hacked by “CryptoShuffler” Trojan & Stole $140,000 From Many Wallet ID

A newly discovered Trojan called "CryptoShuffler" stole around $140,000 from cryptocurrency wallets by replacing the Original Wallet address with another and transfer into attacker...
Pizza Hut Hacked

Pizza Hut Hacked – Users Reporting Fraudulent Transactions on their Cards

Pizza Hut hacked and some of its clients who utilized the fast food chain's website and application were influenced by the data breach. As indicated...

T-Mobile Website Bug Allowed Hackers to Access Millions of customer’s Personal Data

A bug on T-Mobile Website allows hackers to steal customers personal data such as email addresses, T-Mobile customer account numbers and their phone's IMSI,...

Leading research and advisory firms Forrester was hacked

Forrester the most leading research and advisory firm in the world announced that Forrester.com experienced a Security Breach last Friday. Hackers defaced into their website(Forrester.com)...


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