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iOS Privacy issue – Now iPhone apps can Secretly access your Camera to take...

Google Security Engineer Felix Krause discovered a privacy loophole in iPhone which can be abused by the malicious iOS app to take videos and...

Court allows FBI to keep the details of iPhone Hacking Tool Secret

The case between Apple and FBI went Furious over the last couple of months, Columbia district court ruled that the FBI can keep hidden...

AccuWeather found Sending User Location Details Even if Location Sharing Turned Off

Security researcher Will Strafach identified that famous Weather App AccuWeather sending geolocation data to third party data mining firm. He intercepted the traffic with the...

WhatsApp iPhone Users Can Queue Messages Without Internet and More

WhatsApp for iPhone has received an update which included many needed features for users. Recent update includes extended the sharing limit of WhatsApp photo...
Critical Bug:Single MMS Can Crash Message application On IOS

Critical Bug:Single MMS Can Crash Message application On IOS

A solitary instant message could be abused to impair the Messages application on any iPhone because of an as of late found bug. The bug...


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