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Windows Zero-day

Hacker Revealed Unpatched Microsoft Windows Privilege Escalation Zero-day Flaw Exploit Online

Security Researcher revealed an unpatched Windows Zero-day vulnerability exploit online that discovered in Microsoft Windows Task Scheduler. This vulnerability discovered and exposed by Belgium security researcher in...
Cortana Vulnerability

Microsoft Cortana Vulnerability Allows Hackers to Browse With Your Locked Computer

A new privilege escalation vulnerability with Cortana allows an attacker with physical access to do unauthorized browsing on the locked system. Security researchers form Mcafee...

New Microsoft ADFS Protocol Vulnerability allow Hackers to Compromise the Entire Organization Network

New vulnerability discovered in Microsoft Active Directory Federated Services (ADFS) protocol that integrated with Multifactor authentication service allows an attacker to compromise the entire network...
Identity Bounty program

Microsoft Launches Identity Bounty program That Rewards Up to $100,000

Microsoft launches Identity Bounty program that offers bug bounty hunters up to $100,000. For security researchers who discover a security vulnerability in the Identity...
office documents

Important Security practices for users to Open Microsoft Office Documents Securely

Microsoft office documents utilized in wide by attackers to send the malicious file and then convincing the user to open the file with social...


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