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Wi-Fi Passwords

2 Million Wi-Fi Passwords Leaked Through Wi-Fi Hotspot Finder App

A Wi-Fi hotspot app exposed more than two million Wi-Fi network passwords from its unprotected database. The app named...
Verizon Fios Quantum

Verizon Fios Router Vulnerabilities Allows Attackers to Gain Complete Control Over the Network

Security researchers at Tenable uncovered multiple flaws with Verizon Fios Quantum Gateway router that allows a remote attacker to gain complete access...

Best Ways to Keep Your Data Secured While Using Public WiFi Networks

Accessing the internet within your home is fairly easy and secure. Not unless you have shared you WiFi with neighbors, its only...
Conference Call Security

Conference Call Security Checklist – Best Practices in On-Call Security

When you’re hosting a conference call there’s usually a handful of things you’re worried about, the integral part in the Conference Call...
network security key

What is Network Security Key? How to Find it in Your Network – Router,...

A device's network security key is a password or pass-phrase used to authenticate with a local area network (LAN). The typical modern LAN includes computers,...


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