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Bodybuilding.com Data Breach, Resulting from Phishing Attack Via Email

Bodybuilding.com, the internet's biggest online store and an online forum for fitness and bodybuilding enthusiasts, recently became aware of the Data Security...
Embedded Browser Frameworks

Google to Block Logins From Embedded Browser Frameworks to Protect From Phishing & MitM...

Google announced a new security update to block users sign-in using Embedded browser frameworks in order to improve the protection against Phishing...
educational games

ERMProtect Launches New Cybersecurity Education Games to Show How Employees Work Safely Online

ERMProtect Launches a new extensive list of animated chalkboard videos, digital games, cyber dictionaries, phishing tests and quizzes that allow employees to...
Secure Email

Top 10 Best Preventive Methods to Secure Email Accounts from Email Hackers

Secure Email Accounts is one of the most important concerns in the digital world since the email account is one of the...
WordPress and Joomla

Hackers Using WordPress and Joomla Sites to Distribute Shade Ransomware

CMS based sites such as WordPress and Joomla are the popular targets for cybercriminals, they hijack those sites and inject malicious contents.


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