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Tech Support Scam

Tech Support Scams Integrates Call Optimization Service to Insert Phone Numbers into Scam Pages

Scammers continue to adapt with new techniques to trick user's and make them fall as a victim. Scammers always impose limits such as "call...
Google Map Vulnerability

Beware!! Google Map Vulnerability Allows an Attacker to Redirect Victims into Malicious Websites

An open redirection vulnerability in Google Map lets allows hackers redirect victims into malicious websites that leads to downloaded malware and other potential threats. Attackers...

SandiFlux – Hackers using Fast Flux Method in Wild For Malware Distribution

Hackers started using Fast Flux infrastructure in wild to hide the malicious activities such as malware and phishing campaigns. A new Fast flux infrastructure...

Cyber Espionage Campaign Possibly “MuddyWater” Targets Middle East and Central Asia

A new campaign with the similarities of MuddyWater spotted targetting organizations in Pakistan, Turkey, and Tajikistan. Attackers use various social engineering methods to trick...
Valentine's Day Spam

Beware!! 230 Million Necurs Botnet Sending as Valentine’s Day Dating Spam Messages With Malware

Necurs bot which is one of the biggest bot and well know for distributing Ransomware, spam emails and bank bots. In the past, it...


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