Tag: Remote Access Trojan

FlawedAmmyy RAT

Beware !! Hackers Deliver FlawedAmmyy RAT via Weaponized Microsoft Word and PDF Documents

Cybercriminals spreading powerful FlawedAmmyy RAT via Weaponized Microsoft Word and PDF Attachments to spy victims device and steal the sensitive information Remotely. Hackers always lookout...

GravityRAT – A Powerful Remote Access Trojan Conducting an APT Cyber Attack in India,...

A newly uncovered APT Malware called GravityRAT deployed by a hacking group to attack various sectors in India, US, and UK. This GravityRAT remote access...
Android RAT

New Android Remote Access Trojan(RAT) Steals Photos, Contacts, SMS & Recording Phone Calls

Newly Discovered two new Android RAT Compromising Victims Mobile and steals various sensitive information such as  Photos, Contacts, SMS and it can also record the...
Remote Access Trojan

Hackers Attacked Public Sector using Remote Access Trojan that was Entirely Written in Python

A newly emerging Remote access Trojan called CannibalRAT that completely written in Python language targeting and impacting the Brazilian public sector management school. Python is a powerful...


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