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Cortana Vulnerability

Microsoft Cortana Vulnerability Allows Hackers to Browse With Your Locked Computer

A new privilege escalation vulnerability with Cortana allows an attacker with physical access to do unauthorized browsing on the locked system. Security researchers form Mcafee...
Microsoft Windows

Zero-Day Remote Code Execution Vulnerability Discovered in Microsoft Windows JScript

New Zero-day Remote code execution vulnerability discovered in Microsoft Windows JScript that allows an attacker to run the arbitrary code on vulnerable installations of Microsoft Windows. Remote...
Password hash

Hackers Can Steal Password Hashes & Crash Windows systems Automatically with Microsoft Outlook and...

The researcher discovered a flaw that combined with Microsoft Outlook and OLE which leads to steal the Password hash and eventually crash the windows...

Thousands of Servers Running etcd Leaking Credentials Online – Mitigation’s

Thousand of servers running etcd is open to the internet and exposing credentials publically. Etcd is a type of database that stores data across a...
Monero mining

Biggest Crypto-Mining Campaign Ever – Hackers Mine $3 Million Worth of Monero Crypto-currency

Security researchers from Checkpoint discovered a largest Monero mining activity that uses XMRig miner on various versions of Windows machines. The hacker group earned more...


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