Tag: Wordpress Keylogger

WordPress Keylogger

Dangerous WordPress Keylogger Returns via New Domains that Affected More than 1000 Websites

A WordPress keylogger that already spreading via Cloudflare.solutions has changed now and it returns via new domains that affected more than 1000 of WordPress...
Wordpress backdoor

Three more Malicious Backdoored plugins with More than 89,000 Active Installs found in WordPress...

Wordpress has such a massive ecosystem consist of a number of plugins and themes, threat actors involved in various malicious activities such as hiding...
Wordpress Keylogger

Beware!! Keylogger Discovered in more than 5,000 WordPress Websites

New research revealed that more than 5,000 Wordpress websites are running along with keylogger and also it's trying to running crypto-miner in the browser...


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