Zerodium Now Paying You $2,500,000 For Android Full Chain Exploit and $1.5 Million for WhatsApp RCE Zero-day

Zerodium Now Paying You $2.5 Million For Android Zero-day Exploit and $1.5 Million for...

Exploit acquisition platform Zerodium released a new payout for mobile exploits with surprising payment for both Android and iOS platforms.

Zerodium Pays Upto $1,500,000 Per Fully Functional Zero-day Exploit Submissions

A famous premium bounties reward company Zerodium pays up to $1,500,000 for critical zero-day submissions and the least reward amount range starts at $5,000 per...

ZERODIUM Hosts Tor Browser Zero-Day Bounty Program

ZERODIUM is known for paying premium bounties and rewards to security specialists to gain their unique and beforehand unreported zero-day investigation affecting major working...


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