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3 Hacker-Proof Tips You Need to Know to Secure Your Cryptocurrencies

Investing in cryptocurrencies has become a worldwide phenomenon over the last couple of years. You talk to any investor and the first...

Hackers Fake Computational Power to Steal Cryptocurrencies Directly From Mining Pools

A new attack targeted equihash mining pools that use vulnerable equihashverifier to verify the miner's shares. The logic vulnerability in the verifier allows an...
Currency Stealer Malware

Currency Stealer Malware “ComboJack” Targets Online Wallets by Replacing Clipboard(Copy&paste) Addresses

Don't forget to check destination wallet before completing the transaction, a new currency stealer malware detected targetting online wallets and cryptocurrencies. The combojack malware targets...
Smominru Botnet

Cryptocurrency Mining Smominru Botnet Infected more than 500,000 Windows Machines

Security researchers from Proofpoint detected Monero miners that spread using the infamous EternalBlue Exploit. Attackers using persistent Botnet dubbed Smominru to spread the infection...


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