Tag: Hermes Ransomware

HERMES Ransomware 2.1

HERMES Ransomware Spreading Through Password Protected Word Documents and XPS

A new Email campaign spotted by Trustwave spreading HERMES Ransomware through password protected word document to encrypt the system files and lock the victim’s...

New AZORult Malware Spreading Via Office Documents Steals to Credentials & Launch Ransomware Attack

Threat actors behind AZORult malware released an updated version with improvements on both the stealer and the downloader functionalities. Within a day after the...
Hermes Ransomware

Cyber Criminals Launch Hermes Ransomware Via Password Protected Word Documents

Cyber Criminals distributing Hermes Ransomware via dangerous malspam that contains Weaponized Password protected Word documents to encrypt the system files and lock the victim's computer. Hermes Ransomware...
Hermes Ransomware

Hermes Ransomware Distributed Through Malicious Office Documents Embedded Flash Exploit

After the public announcement of flash vulnerability CVE-2018-4878 massive malspam campaigns pumped up with malicious word documents that contain flash exploit and deliver Hermes...


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