Tag: POS Malware

Fuel Dispenser Merchants

VISA Warning that Hackers Injecting POS Malware in Fuel Dispenser Merchants To Steal...

Visa Payment Fraud Disruption (PFD) observed that hackers attack point-of-sale merchants by injecting POS malware across North American fuel dispenser...
FIN8 hacker group

FIN8 Hacker Group using Highly Sophisticated ShellTea Malware to Attack Hospitality Sector

FIN8 hacker group is back with a new highly sophisticated variant of the ShellTea malware and carried out attacks against hotel and...

GlitchPOS – Hackers Selling a New POS Malware On Dark Web Forums

Threat actors selling a new POS malware dubbed GlitchPOS aimed in exfiltrating the credit card numbers from Point-of-sale devices and retailers' websites....
PoS malware

PoS Malware Ultimately Designed to Steal Credit Card Details Through DNS Requests

A new unique PoS malware disguised as a LogMeIn service pack steals magnetic tape payment card data from a wide variety of companies starting...
Pos malware

POS Malware Breach at Sonic Affected Millions of Credit & Debit Cards

Sonic American's Drive-In, a Pos malware affecting fast-food chain in U.S that operates around 3500 locations across the country. This breach affecting an unknown number of...


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