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Buran Ransomware

RaaS – Hackers Selling Buran Ransomware in Russian Forum That Encrypt All Version of...

Researchers uncovered a new ransomware family named "Buran" ransomware that works as a Ransomware-as-a-Service(RaaS) model and actively selling in a well-known Russian...

Russian Hackers Compromised 100,000+ Computers Using Raccoon Malware Via Fallout & RIG Exploit Kits

Researchers uncovered an information-stealing malware called Raccoon that delivered by the Fallout and RIG Exploit Kits to steal sensitive data from compromised victims' devices.
RIG Exploit Kit

Hackers Using RIG Exploit Kit to Compromise Windows PC for Mining Crypto-Currency

A RIG Exploit Kit (EK) propagating sophisticated code injection techniques to mine Monero cryptocurrency from infected Windows PC. Rig Exploit Kit is one of the...
Rig Exploit

Hackers using Internet Explorer (IE) Remote Code Execution Flaw in Rig Exploit Kit to...

Hackers now using Rig Exploit Kit to exploiting the Internet Explorer (IE) remote code execution vulnerability ( CVE-2018-8174) with integrating a cryptocurrency-mining malware to mine Monero...


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