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Android Q

Android Q – Beta Released with High Level Privacy and Security Features With TLS...

Google released a new Beta version of Android Q that brings a number of additional privacy and security features for Android users.
TLS 1.3 Released

TLS 1.3 Released – Most Important Security Protocol on the Internet with Extreme Privacy,...

An Internet's most Important security protocol TLS 1.3 released with various improvement to perform a secure communication for online commerce, medicine, and other sensitive transactions TLS...

Facebook Launches Open Source Library Fizz To Enhance TLS 1.3 Protocol

TLS is the most widely used cryptographic protocol and it is the backbone of secure Internet communication. TLS 1.3 designed for speed by reducing...
Evolution of Cryptography - 2016 a Survey

Evolution of TLS1.3 – Enhanced security and speed

Evolution of TLS1.3 - Enhanced security and speed: As 2016 comes to close and we are preparing for a new year, it's time to implement...


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