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Hackers Launching Ursnif Malware via Weaponized office Document Using Steganography Technique

Cyber Criminals now distributing powerful ursnif malware via malicious Office Documents with multi-stage highly obfuscated PowerShell scripts to bypass security controls.ursnif is a banking...

Beware of Malicious Word Documents that Downloads the Ursnif Malware and GandCrab Ransomware

A new phishing email campaign contained a malicious word document with macros downloads and executes Ursnif malware and GandCrab ransomware.Security researchers from Carbon Black...

A Banking Trojan Called “Ursnif” Using Mouse Moments for Evasion and Decryption From Virtual...

Bank Trojan called "Ursnif" using clever Trick to Evade sandbox Detection from the  Virtual Machine Environment by using mouse movements.New Futures has been embedded with...

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