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100,000 WordPress Sites

100,000 WordPress Sites Impacted with Cross-Site Scripting(XSS) Flaw

KingComposer, a WordPress plugin found installed with over 100,000 WordPress sites found vulnerable to Reflected Cross-Site Scripting. The vulnerability...
Wordpress plugins

New Malware Attack Targeting 60 Million WordPress Websites to add Backdoor & Exploit Plugins...

Researchers discovered an ongoing malvertising campaign targeting millions of WordPress websites to infect with backdoor and exploiting the various Wordpress plugins vulnerabilities.
Zero-day Stored XSS

Zero-day Stored XSS Vulnerability in WordPress Social Share Plug-in let Hackers to Compromise 70,000...

Researchers discovered a critical Stored XSS Zero-day flaw in widely used social sharing plug-in called "Social Warfare" let attackers inject the malicious...
ten WordPress Plugins

Ten WordPress Plugins For WooCommerce Expose E-Commerce Stores to a Range of Attacks

Serious security flaws identified in ten WordPress Plugins could be exploited by hackers to upload keyloggers, shells, crypto miners and other malicious software or...


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