Tuesday, April 16, 2024

CISA:Notorious Chisel Android Malware Steals Data and Monitors Traffic

With the rise of new technological innovations and security mechanisms, threat actors are also upgrading their skills and evolving rapidly. These evolutions have resulted in...

Stealthy Android Malware Attacking Mobile Users Via Fake App Stores

A recently discovered Android Trojan, dubbed "MMRat," poses a serious threat to mobile banking security. Unlike other forms of malware, this Trojan is designed...

3,000+ Android Malware Using Unique Compression Methods to Avoid Detection

Android Smartphones play a vital role in our daily lives, as they help us stay connected and, not only that, they also help in...

Gigabud RAT Attacking Android Users to Steal Banking Credentials

Recent reports indicate that GigaBud malware has been targeting more than 99 financial institutions in Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, the Philippines, and Peru.GigaBud is...
LastPass Developer Account Hacked

Hackers Using Beta-Testing Apps to Target Victims: FBI Alert

The Federal Bureau of Investigation has released an announcement stating that cybercriminals are using mobile-beta testing applications to target victims for malicious purposes. These...

Android Application Penetration Testing Part – 4

As per my last article(Part 1), ( Part 2), (part-3) we had a look at basic architecture and penetration testing tools and ADB. Now let’s see...

New Android Malware Via WhatsApp steals Call logs, Locations, & Contacts

According to reports, a new Android malware is circulating under the guise of a fake chat application that is being distributed through WhatsApp.This malware...

10 Best Antivirus for Android – 100% Mobile Protection

Choosing the Best Antivirus for Android is the most important concern to protect your Android device from sophisticated cyber threats. An antivirus plays...

Android Application Penetration Testing Part 3

In my last article( Android Application Penetration Testing Part 1 ), ( Android Application Penetration Testing Part 2 )we had look at basic architecture...

Android Application Penetration Testing – Part 7

In the Last Part, Android Application Penetration Testing Part 6 We have seen about the Vulnerabilities has been categorized as TOP 10.INSECURE LOGGING- ADB Logcat:Logcat...

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