Windows Code-Execution Flaw

Windows Code-Execution Vulnerability Let Attackers Run Malicious Code Without Authentication

It has recently been discovered by researchers that Windows has a vulnerability that allows code execution that rivals EternalBlue in terms of potential. It...
New BrasDex Android Malware

Hackers Use New BrasDex Android Malware to Steal Users’ Banking Details

A new Android trojan called BrasDex has been identified as the work of the same threat actors responsible for the Casbaneiro malware that targets...

FortiOS SSL-VPN Bug Let Attackers Execute Arbitrary Code Remotely

A critical vulnerability in FortiOS SSL-VPN let attackers perform unauthenticated arbitrary code execution remotely, and this flaw has been tracked as CVE-2022-42475. This vulnerability resides...
Malware VMware ESXi Server

Hackers Deploy New Python Malware on VMware ESXi Server to gain Remote Access

A backdoor was found on a VMware ESXi virtualization server by Juniper Threat Labs. Reports say two vulnerabilities in the ESXi's OpenSLP service, CVE-2019-5544...
Cisco IP Phone Vulnerability

Cisco IP Phone Vulnerability Let Unauthenticated Attacker Execute Remote Code

Cisco has uncovered a high-severity vulnerability affecting its IP Phone 7800 and 8800 Series, tracked as CVE-2022-20968 (except Cisco Wireless IP Phone 8821).  An unauthenticated,...

North Korean APT37 Hackers Exploited IE Zero-Day Vulnerability Remotely

Researchers from the Google Threat Analysis group uncovered an incident associated with the north Korean APT37 hackers group that they have exploited an Internet...

Bug in Toyota, Honda, and Nissan Car App Let Hackers Unlock & Start The...

The majority of major automobile manufacturers have addressed vulnerability issues that would have given hackers access to their vehicles to perform the following activities...
Android Malware on Google Play

Android Malware on Google Play with 2 Million Installs Steal Sensitive Data

More than two million Android users have been tricked into installing a set of malicious, phishing, and advertising apps via the Google Play store. Dr....
Linux Flaw Let Attackers Gain Full Root Privilege

A New Linux Flaw Lets Attackers Gain Full Root Privilege

The Threat Research Unit at Qualys’ has revealed how a new Linux flaw tracked as (CVE-2022-3328),  may be combined with two other, seemingly insignificant...

New Android Malware Stolen Facebook Credentials From 300,000 Victims

The mobile security firm Zimperium has recently issued a warning about a Trojan called "Schoolyard Bully," which is actively masquerading as an educational application...

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