50 malicious apps

More Than 50 Malicious Apps With Over 350,000 Installs Found On Google Play

More than 50 malicious apps that designed for kids as coloring apps or games found on Google play has no functionality other than displaying ads. Mobile security researcher LUKAS STEFANKO identified the malicious app and reported to Google Security team,...
WhatsApp Messages

Beware!! New Android Malware That Can Read Your WhatsApp Messages & Take Screen Shots

A new Android malware that steals infected users WhatsApp messages and other sensitive data such as browsing history, photos. This malware mainly developed to spying the targeted especially Android users and its unclear that what kind of surveillance attackers interested from...

Warning Signs of Your Smartphone Getting Hacked

It’s one of the worst feelings in the world having your computer hacked, hit with a virus and losing all your work. Now, think of how that would be if it was your smartphone. Most of us don’t really think...
Android Banking Trojan

Android Banking Trojan Found On Google Play with 10,000 Installs Steals User’s Banking Credentials

A new Android Banking Trojan found on Google play with more than 10,000 installs steals user’s banking credentials and also capable of by bypassing SMS for two-factor authentication. Security researcher Lukas Stefanko discovered the trojan in the Google play pretended...
25 Malicious apps

25 Malicious apps that Downloaded More Than 120,000 Times Contains Hidden Cryptomining Script

Malware authors continue to upload malicious apps contains hidden Cryptomining Script to Google play, even though it was entirely banned. Attackers uploaded apps poses as games, utilities, and educational apps contain hidden cryptomining scripts. SophosLabs spotted more than 25 malicious...


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