400 Million Windows Computer Vulnerable to “Bashware” Security Software Bypass Attack

A New Attacking Technique called "Bashware" can able to Bypass all Windows Based Security Software solutions by abusing the New Windows 10 Future called...

Free Remote Access Trojan builder “Cobian RAT” Distributed a Backdoor

A Free Remote Access Trojan Builder called "Cobian RAT" Distributed with embedded Backdoor and it it was being offered for free and had a lot of similarities...
Fileless Malware

Fileless Malware Installing Backdoor Via USB Flash Disks

A Fileless Malware Discovered as "TROJ_ANDROM.SVN" that can ability to Create a Backdoor into Target Windows Computer which is installing via USB Flash Disks. USB...

Popular Server Management Software Infected with Encrypted Payload That Could be Remotely Activate...

Very Popular Server Management Software XMANAGER5 owned by NetSarang flowing with Backdoor that was injected as Encrypted Payload  By Cyber Criminals. Encrypted payload Discovered with...

Now Industrial Control Systems (ICS) Become Prime Target for Cyber Attackers

Industrial management systems (ICS/SCADA) are now the prime target for cyber attackers seeking to compromise the production base and public utilities. The gift of previous...


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