Android Camera

Android Camera Bug Let Hackers Spy on 100 Million+ Android Users Camera by Taking...

Researchers discovered a critical vulnerability in the Android Camera app that allows hackers to remotely control the camera to take photos and/or...
Get Ransomware Protection for the Holidays: Opt-in For Advanced Threat Protection With Reason Cybersecurity

Get Ransomware Protection For The Holidays: Reason Cybersecurity at 70% Off

Ransomware attacks are still something to be wary of these days. 2019 saw a resurgence in ransomware attacks and they're expected to grow even...
Massachusetts Men

Two Massachusetts Men Arrested for Conducting SIM-swapping Attack To Steal Cryptocurrency & Social Media...

Two Massachusetts men arrested today for Conducting Nationwide SIM-swapping attack to gain login credentials of victims by resetting their login credentials.
Prepare Your Business For a Security Breach – Risks and Protection Measures

Prepare Your Business For a Security Breach – Risks and Protection Measures

With only 36% of businesses prepared to respond to a data breach, it's clear that many companies remain at risk of a significantly...
Hosting Provider

How to Pick a Hosting Provider With Standard Cybersecurity Principles

It’s as complex to choose a hosting provider as developing an app or website. Additionally, it’s of paramount importance that you pick...


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