Hyundai Hacked

Hyundai Hacked – Attackers Stole Car Owners’ Personal Details

Hyundai reported a data breach that impacted car owners in Italy and France and people who booked their test drives. The company has warned...

Western Digital Network Breach – Hackers Gained Access to Company Servers

Western Digital (WD), a renowned manufacturer of Scandisk drives, has announced a data breach on its network, resulting in unauthorized access to data on...
Uber Driver Data Stolen

Uber Driver Data Stolen Again From the Servers of Law Firm

Uber faces various cyber attacks that result in the disclosure of employee email addresses, company reports, and information related to IT assets.The servers of...
Stanford University Discloses Data Breach

Stanford University Data Breach – Ph.D. Admission Data Leaked

Stanford University has recently reported a security incident involving a data breach. The incident, which occurred between December 2022 and January 2023, involved the...
GitHub Security Breach

GitHub Breach – Hackers Stole Code Signing Certificates From Repositories

GitHub announced that it suffered a security breach in which unauthorized individuals obtained access to specific development and release planning repositories and stole encrypted...
Yandex Denies Hack

Yandex Denies Hack – Source Code Leaked on Popular Hacking Forum

The source code of Yandex, the largest IT company in Russia and commonly referred to as the Russian Google, was hacked by attackers.On a...
ransomware attack targeted Yum

Hackers Steal Data from  KFC, Pizza Hut, Taco Bell & Habit Burger

A ransomware attack targeted Yum! Brands on January 18, 2023, caused the closure of 300 locations of its fast food chains KFC, Pizza Hut,...
T-Mobile Hacked

T-Mobile Hacked – Over 37 Million Customer Data Exposed

T-Mobile US, Inc. discovered that a malicious attacker was illegally accessing data through a single Application Programming Interface ("API").The research revealed that the threat...
CircleCI Compromised

Hackers Compromised CircleCI Employee’s Laptop to Breach the Company’s Systems

CircleCI, a DevOps platform, discovered that malware installed on a CircleCI engineer's laptop was used by an unauthorized third party to steal a legitimate,...

Volvo Cars Suffered A New Data Breach? Data Published On Hacking Forum

According to a post on a well-known hacker forum, Volvo Cars has experienced a new data breach, with stolen information allegedly being made available...

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