Saturday, December 2, 2023

Modern CyberSOC – A Brief Implementation Of Building a Cyber Security Infrastructure

In earlier years, everyone depends on CyberSOC (including firewalls, WAF, SIEM, etc.) and the priority in building the SOC provides security, and the CIA...

21 Million Records of VPN Users Leaked on Telegram

On May 7th, 2022, the data of 21 Million Records of VPN Users was leaked, exposing the personal details and login credentials of the...

Toyota Server Misconfiguration Leaks Owners Data for Over Seven Years

The Leak discloses Address, Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), Email address, Phone number, Name, and Vehicle Registration Number.

Free VPN Data Breach – Over 360 Million User Records Exposed

Based on reports from Jeremiah Fowler, a non-password-protected database exposed nearly 360 million records related to a VPN.The database contained email addresses, device...

Toyota Data Breach – Over 2 Million Customers Data Exposed

A part of the data that Toyota Motor Corporation entrusted to Toyota Connected Corporation to handle was found to have been made public as a...

Over 600 GB of Fullerton India’s Data Published on the Dark Web

A significant Indian lending organization ‘Fullerton India’ was breached at the beginning of April 2023. The LockBit ransomware Darknet blog, where hackers listed the...
Android Device Migration Tools Flaw

Android Device Migration Tools Bug Let Hackers Steal App Data & Login to Your...

Smartphones are frequently replaced by users when newer versions of smartphones with much more features are released.The exchange of smartphones has a significant complication...

ChatGPT Service Back in Italy, After the Ban

Earlier this month, Italian SA raised a temporary ban for ChatGPT as there was a data breach in March 2023.Along with this, the application...

ICICI Bank Data Leak – Millions of Customers’ Sensitive Data Exposed

Researchers have recently found that the ICICI Bank systems misconfiguration caused data leakage, exposing more than 3.6 million customers' sensitive data.ICICI Bank, a multinational...

Hyundai Hacked – Attackers Stole Car Owners’ Personal Details

Hyundai reported a data breach that impacted car owners in Italy and France and people who booked their test drives. The company has warned...

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