Yandex Data Breach

Yandex Data Breach – Employee Caught Selling Access to User Accounts

Yandex N.V. is a Russian Dutch-domiciled multinational corporation providing Internet-related products and services including transportation, search and information services, eCommerce, navigation, mobile...
Antivirus Firm Exposed Internal Log data Generated by their Products

Antivirus Firm Exposed Internal Log data Generated by their Products

EMSISOFT, Antivirus Firm revealed a data breach on one of their test systems. The company used the system to evaluate and benchmark...
Gaming Firms Data Leak

Over 500,000 Credentials of two Dozen Leading Gaming Firms Leaked Online

Tel Aviv-based threat intelligence firm Kela has warned gaming companies to improve their cybersecurity posture after discovering 500,000 breached employee credentials and...
Spotify Vulnerability

Spotify Hack – Over 300k Accounts Hacked in Credential Stuffing Attack

Spotify is a Swedish-based audio streaming and media services provider, with over 299 million active monthly users in 2020.
BigBasket Data Leak

Over 20 Million BigBasket Customers Data Exposed in DarkWeb

BigBasket(Innovative Retail Concepts Private Limited) is India's largest online food and grocery store. It is funded by Alibaba Group, Mirae Asset-Naver Asia Growth...


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