Growth in Artificial intelligence Makes It Easy to Fake Images and Video

Growth in Artificial intelligence Makes It Easy to Fake Images, Audio, and Video, AI researchers have been successfully in creating 3D face models from still...
Avatar-style Giant robot South Korea

Avatar-style Giant robot takes first steps in South Korea

A giant South Korean-built manned robot that walks like a human has taken its first baby steps. Designed by a veteran of science fiction blockbusters, the four-metre-tall...
Sundar Pichai

Google CEO Sundar Pichai to unveil Google’s plan for SMBs in India

Google CEO Sundar Pichai is in India. Pichai is currently on a private trip and is spending time in Jaipur. Google is holding a...

New Aadhaar Payment App launch for Digital Payments : Here’s how it works

The government has been working on an ‘Aadhaar Payment App‘ to do away with plastic card and point of sales machines (POS) that seem...
Facebook Open Source

Facebook Open Source Review For Year 2016: Christine Abernathy

As we about bid farewell to year 2016 and start a fresh year 2017 ahead, Facebook has published its Facebook Open Source 2016 year...


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