Tech Tips For Entrepreneurs

Tech Tips For Entrepreneurs

Any modern-day entrepreneur needs to be familiar with the latest tech and how it can help them in their business operation. Technology has grown...

USB 4 Released – Now You can Transfer Data with 40 Gbps Maximum Speed...

USB Implementers Forum announced USB 4 which operates over USB Type-C connector and able to provide data transfer speeds up to 40...
What You Need to Know About the New iPhone 11

What You Need to Know About the New iPhone 11

The wait is almost over as Apple has confirmed the release of 3 brand new iPhones due to hit the stores on...

IBM Announced that they Acquired Red Hat for $34 Billion

IBM announced that they have closes its acquisition of Red Hat for $34 billion. The acquisition combines the power and flexibility of...

3-year-old boy Locked his Dad’s iPad until 2067 by Entering the wrong Password

A 3-year-old boy locked out his dad’s iPad for more than 48 years by entering the wrong password repeatedly.


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