Tag: Obfuscation

Ursnif Malware

Hackers Launching Ursnif Malware via Weaponized office Document Using Steganography Technique

Cyber Criminals now distributing powerful ursnif malware via malicious Office Documents with multi-stage highly obfuscated PowerShell scripts to bypass security controls.
PDF exploit

Hackers Now Launching Powerful Weaponized PDF Exploit using Steganography Technique

Cyber Criminals now using new Stenography technique to distribute a powerful Obfuscated PDF exploit in order to compromise the targets and evade...
Java Malware

Java Malware “jRAT” Evolving with Highly Obfuscation Patterns

Java Based Remote Access Trojan Called "jRAT" Rapidly Evolving with Advanced Capabilities and Targeting Many Organization Sensitive information that spreading with Highly Obfuscation Patterns. Nowadays,...


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